Hi, I'm Ryan and I'm the person behind the #newfoundthinking CONCEPT!

So why?

Recent months have been an emotional roller coaster. So much has happened and as a result, I have have been tested like never before.

I have learnt more about myself this year than I had for the previous 22.

When I was at my lowest, each day I would be stressed, worried, anxious and most of the time not sure why. Days would become more difficult to tackle. I would listen to the voices of worry inside my head and start to lose the war with myself.

I used to:

– Worry about what people thought about me too much.

– Worry about wanting to be liked.

– Worry about the way I looked.

– Worry about if I was doing a good job at work.

– Worry about money.

– Worry about going on nights out and didn’t know why.

– Worry about paying bills.

All of the above would make me take constant notes to try and keep up with life. I used to makes notes in my phone about irrelevant stuff with the hope it would make me feel in control. I would worry so much I would doubt myself and lose confidence with everything I did. I lost all self-esteem and days passed and it was just getting worse.

So what did I do?

Well… a few things happened really. I heard some very inspiring quotes which just made sense to me. I put context to these quotes and conversions I would have with my closest friends and I knew it was time to do something about my Mental Health. Somebody once told me that, ‘Good is good enough’. They continued in saying that I set myself up to fail as I set too high standards for myself which in reality are not achievable. When I would worry, it was because I would worry about these standards I set for myself and in reality, wouldn’t even be worries of mine in 6 months time. I would always think a worse case scenario situation in my head would happen and become a reality.

I slowly started to become my own best friend. I would allow my worries to take place but then I would dismiss them. I would take a step back and realise I am just being silly. I would convince myself to gain CONTROL and this was the game changer. I realised when I told myself to gain control, I wouldn’t worry. In doing so, I became less stressed. I became happier and bizarrely found myself doing well in work, bills were being paid and I wasn’t worrying about if people liked me. I would then find myself helping others and furthermore my life got even better! 

Don't get me wrong, I still have bad days!

So what is the moral of the story?

Well, you tell me? I think it’s just a case of growing up and learning about who you are as a person. No doubt everybody will go through this and everybody will find their own coping mechanisms because every bodies story is different. Be proud of your life story and be proud of your bad days. Every bad day you will have will teach you and make you grow.

Become your own master of learning and embrace each lesson.  

I know it is hard but don’t be afraid to speak to people about your worries. We as humans are blessed with the ability to communicate and in doing so we can help each other. We all have things in common and this is the good and bad. So this is why I just thought sod it, I would speak up about my experiences and stop caring about people judging me. I have a vision of wanting to help others with their Mental Health and make people realise they are not alone. I have a vision of just wanting to have a positive impact on peoples lives. I want to raise Mental Health awareness and along the way make people happier. 

I came up with a simple concept called “New Found Thinking”.  

New Found Thinking is how I would sum up my recent months. I found out through life experiences who I am as a person and I changed my mindset which allows me to stay in control of my life and as a result I have never been happier. 

I started with a designed t-shirt which is essentially my story. Every time I wear my t-shirt it reminds me how far I have come. People usually ask me what I am wearing and this is when I mention this whole post above. It is hard to speak up about Mental Health so a simple t-shirt reminds me each day to not be afraid to speak up about any problems I may have and also helps others to realise they can also speak up 

All clothing sales will have a percentage donated to charity! We all wear clothes, so wear clothes with a meaning!

“Become the positive impact that is responsible for eliminating the root of somebodies sadness.”