“Eat The Frog”

Have you ever procrastinated so much due to the unknown?

This very thing that makes you worry all day because you may be anxious of the aftermath. Should I say something? Will I be wrong? What if they think this?

Eat That Frog!

Whatever it is you are worrying about, eat it first thing in the morning. That conversion you need to have with your boss… Eat it! That exam letter you need to open… Eat it! That help you need but are too worried about asking… Eat it!

When I say eat it, I don’t mean literally. Ovbcourse you could try eating your boss but it may be unwise too. I mean deal with it.

Whatever your worry, deal with it first thing in the morning and then the whole rest of the day will be far more happier than it would have been. Don’t wait around worrying. Deal with the worry to stop yourself procrastinating and worrying all day. Most of the time, the very thing your worrying about is nothing.

Ovbcourse you’ve told yourself the world is about to end, the walls are caving in and your going to be hated.

Tell yourself to stop being silly. Take a step back and ask yourself 3 things. Do I really need to worry? What are the chances of this horrific aftermath that I have told myself is happening? Would the consequences really be that bad?

Eat the frog every morning and find out! You will be surprised.

Ryan xx

“Good is good enough”

What do we define as good?

What do we define as outstanding?

How we put context to words can really change how we feel at the conclusion of an assignment, project, observation etc.

Think about it…

What I define as being good or outstanding could be different to how somebody else perceives.

Do not fall into the trap of completing an assignment, project or observation and be discouraged because you were merely told you work was good. Firstly you may be disheartened as you wanted an outstanding grade. But what if that person who gave you that good defines good as being outstanding?

Good is good enough.  As this enough can perceived  differently dependant how an individual in question defines it.

You have most likely done a bloody darn good job. You should be proud and most certainly not disheartened. Remember to believe in yourself and don’t strive for perfection. Strive for good as your good is most likely to be outstanding.  Don’t set yourself up for a fall.

To anybody that can relate, stop the beating yourself up. You are awesome. You are unique and most importantly, you are you!

Ryan xx

– Become An Agent For Positive Change –

Become the positive impact that is responsible for eliminating the root of somebodies sadness.

I firmly believe by helping others you help yourself. Many people get caught up with themselves and become self obsessed. This is almost natural as life teaches us to do so. Break the mould and focus on becoming the positive impact in somebody else’s life.

You will be shocked.

Make sure you tell your work colleague they have done a great job. Make sure you smile and say good morning to the people you make contact with when walking around the shops. Make sure you tell that assistant who scanned your groceries how awesome their service was.

You will soon find that becoming obsessed with others that good karma is paid back in abundance. 

That one day you’re feeling down, you will find a like minded individual will come along and become the positive impact you need to remind yourself you are awesome. Be sure to return that positive impact when you feel others may need it.

Becoming a positive impact agent you will no doubt make somebodies day. You may not change the world, but you will bring a smile to the whole world of an individual.

Have a good day.
Ryan xx

“Let Me Buy That For You”

Don’t you just love seeing random acts of kindness!

Today was a good day.

Waiting nervously at the hospital today, I overheard a young man say he’d forgotten his wallet and apologised to the lady in the cafe saying “Sorry, I wont be able to pay for that coffee”.

Before I could even offer up any help, an elderly lady stepped up and paid for him!

Time stood still for a few seconds and I found myself with a beaming smile.

It was almost a shame that the young man was so surprised that it appeared as if he’d just seen a pig fly.

Thankyou to the elderly lady who made my day and I hope you had a wonderful day.

Ryan xx


“7 Things To Remember When Feeling Sad”

“7 Things To Remember When Feeling Sad”

When you feel like the world is against you, take a step back. 

  1. You are alive
  2. You have shelter
  3. You have food and water
  4. You have support
  5. You are not alone
  6. You are in control of your life
  7. You are beautiful

Don’t get distracted by irrelevant thoughts. Go back to basics. Get back in control to be there to support somebody when they need advice to take a step back!

Short and sweet.

Ryan xx

“But you don’t look ill!”

Have you been victim to the phrase, “But you don’t look ill”.

If so, how did it make you feel?

This recently happened to me and it refuelled my one man army battle cry with the want to take on the world again and dish out some, “For god sake, not all illnesses have to be visible” preaching.

I’m sure there are many of you who are only too familiar with the feeling of emptiness. The feeling of worry, the feeling of putting on fake happiness, the feeling of talking to yourself in your head.

Do I worry too much? Do I talk to myself in my head? Do I overthink?

God damn it I’m doing it now… I know I’m overthinking because I’m overthinking by telling myself not to overthink!

But you’re a genius remember! You know yourself the best right?

You tell yourself how to deal with whatever your overthinking about and still, somehow you feel ‘different’? By God, maybe I’m not a genius!

This to me is my invisible illness which I wish people could understand more.

I am telling you now, this invisible illness of never feeling good enough, always worrying and always stressing about everything in life is very common. We need to start educating people more by owning our invisible illnesses. Wear that tag girlfriend!

“Hi, my names Ryan and I have an invisible illness”, kind of pitch fork marches.

Ovbcourse, pitch fork marches are unnecessary but don’t be afraid to be open. Talk to people about how your feeling and confront your own thinking. I am so proud to have an invisible illness because do you know what, it makes me, me! Sprinkle some overthinking dust into a cauldron alongside some negative thinking powder and some sadness drops and POOF! You’ve created a Ryan.

The moment you become your own best friend and stop worrying about what people think about you is the moment you actually begin the road to no overthinking paradise. Learn how to take a step back and realise how blinking lucky we really are. Learn what’s really important in life and you’ll soon realise everything you used to overthink about is so irreverent. For me, by changing my mindset and concentrating on all my good qualities I have, actually distracts me from overthinking completely. I’m too busy being so god darn positive for my unconscious mind to throw me negative curve balls. The only balls you should be worrying about are chicken balls. Damn, chicken balls from my favourite Chinese are like my kryptonite. Give me a chicken ball and I’m yours 🙂 Right, back to my rant.

Ovbcourse you will have days which still don’t go so well as you’d expected, but remember that you need some bad days to enjoy the good. Be thankful for these bad days! For me, I’ve had a bad day as well as being told I don’t look ill. But then I took my step back. When this happens to you, remember to take your step back. Take that step back and remind yourself how far you’ve come. You used to be a crazy over thinker but now you’re a crazy over thinker who’s in control.

That’s enough ranting for one day but I just wanted to document to people and also myself, how anything negative can be turned into a positive!


Speak to ya’ll soon – I shall try to appear more ‘ill’ next time,

Ryan xx

“Thank-you Haters”

“Thank-you Haters”

Life Lesson – One

The moment you realise we don’t exist to please the haters, is the moment you become YOU. You could walk on water and people will say it’s because you could not swim. It’s the people who live for negativity that makes you stronger, wiser and more connected to those who live for positivity. But be thankful for the haters. The people who say you can’t do it. The people who say it’s never been done before. The people who mock the overweight person at the gym. The haters if you do and the haters if you don’t. Haters allow for the most important lesson in life. A lesson equally important as Maths, English and science.

A lesson of gratitude.

The lesson of gratitude is life changing. A lesson from which I have graduated from with a self awarded distinction. That overweight person in the gym being laughed at by a hater is making waves. Making waves for themselves and nobody else. He/she has set goals and has life changing aspirations with themselves being the most important pupil. The haters will only give them more stationary and more desire to follow their passion for self improvement. Haters will have an ‘interest’ in making others feel shit. But they will never feel what it’s like to have ‘passion’. Passion is the highest form of interest. You can’t skip the stages.

To all those overweight people in the gym, you are an inspiration. It gives me no better feeling to see you working towards your goals and everybody having their own chapters to write. Just make sure you stick it out and write a conclusion.

You will have haters.

Just remember to thank them for fueling your passion to succeed.

When you come to write your final chapter titled ‘Acknowledgements’, be sure to give them the credit they deserve. “Thank-you to those who laughed at me. Those who mocked me and to those who wanted me to fail. I thank-you you for allowing me to believe in myself. I wish you all the best and hope one day I’ll make it onto your acknowledgements page for all the right reasons.”

Have a beautiful day and get to work on yourself. Give yourself a gratitude gradation date and get to work.

Ryan xx